Polystyrene Shapes

At CNC Polystyrene we use cutting edge CNC milling machines to create bespoke
polystyrene letters, logos and shapes etc.

Size really is no object!

With the latest precision cutting technology we’re able to do Section Cutting, which means the opportunities are endless when it comes to accurately cutting a polystyrene model of any size or shape.

The great thing about the material itself, is that polystyrene can be cut into almost any object or shape imaginable. It’s diverse, lightweight, durable and has great structural properties which mean infinite design opportunities.  By far one of the best and flexible materials you can use.

Perfect for exhibitions, events, photo shoots & window displays

Polystyrene shapes really have the wow factor, and they’re ideal for temporary or permanent use.

We also supply a range of fixings and stands for your polystyrene letters so when you submit your enquiry simply let us know how it’s being displayed and we’ll deliver your bespoke shape together with the appropriate secure stand and/or fittings.

CNC Polystyrene can scan any 3D object in house, we’ll then bond together and coat (or not) the model in your desired finish, creating your own unique, larger than life object.

We’re not limited to only supplying a single model either, you can order hundreds of identical shapes, models for exhibitions, shows or outdoor displays.

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