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The only limit is your imagination!

We offer a large range of polystyrene letters cut from the best quality, Virgin bead, fire retardant polystyrene. No black specs and no fires! (We learnt our lesson!) – Optional, see how it looks.

We can supply polystyrene letters in plain polystyrene (White) or absolutely any colour of your choice. We also have the ability to face your polystyrene letters with metallic/plain P.V.C, Acrylic, Glitter – Just about any effect is achievable at CNC Polystyrene.

Working with clients locally and worldwide, such as; Google, Disney, Sky, BBC and many more!

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Maximum file size: 12.58MB

We know how important quality is!

We quite often make company logos from supplied artwork for very precise replicating, it’s a very popular way of making exhibition stand logos/letters in Polystyrene. A printed foamex face really provides gorgeous amounts of detail, whilst the polystyrene provides a base and depth.

The beauty of polystyrene letters is that they are lightweight and durable. We can supply a range of fixings and stands for your polystyrene letters so be sure to let us know of the application when sending in your enquiry.

At CNC Polystyrene, we only work with Fire retardant Polystyrene, and we are happy to supply datasheets if required. When appropriate, we can offer an additional coating to further enhance the fire retardant qualities, which also makes the polystyrene considerably tougher!


Contact page form

Maximum file size: 12.58MB

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