Taking  CNC  Polystyrene
to the next  dimension

Equipped with state of the art CNC
machines, we can mill anything to within a
hair widths accuracy.

Make an impact with CNC Polystyrene

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Precision Accuracy CNC Machining

Using the latest CNC technology and state of the art milling machines we can custom make any polystyrene sculpture or prop, of any size, shape or quantity, so if it’s a fleet, herd, or just a one-off replica you’re after, simply give us a call.

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Bespoke Items

Whatever shape or size polystyrene model you need, just give us a call. Nothing fazes our team, who have been creating bespoke items for over 15 years. We’ve seen everything from; giant teacups, Glaciers to Easter Island heads, TV characters, decorative furniture, giant sized lettering and logos. Simply call us today for your custom made polystyrene model.

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Retail Display

Retailers often ask us to create custom made signage, polystyrene sculptures or letters. We’ve created some stunning props which give any shop floor display that added dimension (the wow factor!) With a huge variety of finishes, our polystyrene patterns will make your shop floor display even more memorable.

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3D Scanning

Our triple axis 3D laser scanning equipment enables us to create the perfect 3D image. And with our portable scanner we can scan, replicate and create a life-like 3D image of any item, anywhere. Experience has taught us that as images enlarge they sometimes distort, so by using the latest software we’re able to merge and tighten the 3D image as it scales up or down. Added to this our operator’s attention to detail, we’ll ensure your image is precise and perfectly in proportion.

Precision Polystyrene Modelling – Leading CNC UK
Machining imagination into reality

Here at CNC Polystyrene our team of talented CNC engineers and technicians make, mould and pattern anything out of polystyrene, with the help of the latest state of the art CNC UK machines.

Whether it’s lettering, models, shapes or components. From polystyrene sculptures and larger than life props to insulation for double glazed windows and small one-off items, our team offer pin point accuracy. Every time.

Click on our Gallery to see a selection of our latest 3D Props, polystyrene lettering and exhibition props.

From small scale 3D bespoke props, models or prototypes, through to larger than life structures, we create a huge range of items all customised to your exact design specifications.

To provide the most flexible service to clients we’ve invested in the latest, cutting edge Milling machines from Canada, including several hotwire machines and state of the art 4 and 5 Axis CNC Machines.

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