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Bristol Museum

Large Museum Exhibitions


Bespoke Signage


Larger than Life Props & Models

Taking CNC Polystyrene to the next  dimension


High accuracy CNC machining

Equipped with state of the art CNC machines, we can mill anything to within a hair widths accuracy. Polystyrene sculptures and larger than life props are a speciality of ours.


3D Scanning

The latest 3 axis 3D laser scanning equipment is available to replicate your item. Whether it needs increasing in size or editing, We can take your project into the digital 3D world.


Bespoke Items

From polystyrene Easter island heads & giant teacups to Glaciers and kids TV characters or logos and decorative furniture, we can create it. Contact us today with your vision.


Retail Display

Polystyrene letters, Polystyrene sculptures or custom signage are often used in retail. We are able to create some visually stunning props with a huge variety of finishes to meet all of your demands.

We always keep our Gallery updated with our latest work, whether it be 3D Props, Polystyrene Lettering or CNC Polystyrene Exhibition Props.

We can create small scale 3d bespoke prop, models or prototypes, or on the other end of the spectrum – larger than life props and structures – the only limit to what we can achieve is your imagination!

We have the latest, cutting edge Milling machines in Europe. This includes several hotwire machines and 2 state of the art 4 & 5 Axis CNC Machines.

Call on 01962 777 628, for a free quote for your CNC Polystyrene. We can discuss your requirements, and find the best way to deliver your project to the best quality.

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