3D Scanning

At CNC Polystyrene we use FROGScan™ , a complete 3D laser scanning system that creates perfect 3D digital copies of virtually any physical object.

FROGScan™ lets you translate any object into a very detailed 3D file. This allows your visionary image to come to life before your eyes. Working with the FROGScan™ , CNC Polystyrene believe we can enhance your production capabilities, which then will enhance your business potential.

At CNC Polystyrene have the ability to scan in any object in house, which we can then create a 3D working drawing or file from. Using this we can then enlarge this to any size you may require. We do this by breaking the drawing down into suitable size units for manufacture, which are then bonded together in your desired finish, thus creating your new larger than life object.

Frog 3D Scanning

To name just a few items which we have recently created larger than life versions of:

  • American Football Helmet
  • Sculptures for a number of artists
  • Enormous Beanstalks for a film
  • Millenium Stadium model scan for the Heineken Cup
  • 5 meter skull for NFL

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