3D Scanning

At CNC Polystyrene our team can create perfect 3D digital copies of virtually any physical object with our complete 3D laser scanning system, FROGScan™.

FROGScan™ enables us to translate any object into a very detailed 3D image file or drawing which we then use to create the polystyrene equivalent, before your very eyes! By using this technology we can produce simply anything. If you’ve got an idea simply give us a call, we’ll help you realise your business potential.

We can use the 3D image file or drawing and scale up or down to any size you want. We simply split the drawing into suitable sized pieces for manufacture, bond them together and apply your specified finish. Hey presto, a new, literally larger than life object!

Simply call us today on 01962 777 628, our team are ready to help.

Here are just a few items we’ve recently created enlarged versions of:

  • American Football Helmet
  • Sculptures for various artists
  • Enormous Beanstalks for a film
  • Model scan of the Millennium Stadium for the Heineken Cup
  • 5 meter skull for NFL

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