Polystyrene Models

At CNC Polystyrene We have the latest, cutting edge Milling machines in Europe. This includes several hotwire machines and 2 state of the art 4 and 6 axis CNC Machines.  Incorporating cutting edge technology so that we can create larger than life objects, lettering, logos or point of sale displays.

The only limit to what we can achieve is your imagination!

We can supply fire retardant coatings to your polystyrene model – We can even fiberglass it for you to make it extremely robust. This allows you to then obtain a 2 pack automotive quality finish on your items.

We pride ourselves with the polystyrene models we create and have created. The exquisite yet seemingly simple makeup of polystyrene makes it by far one of the best materials to use to allow your visionary models to become real life structures.

Here at CNC Polystyrene, we can provide you with any finish you require on your polystyrene model. There is a large array of finishes we can apply to your polystyrene model from paint, glitter, apply printed or plain PVC faces to vinyl wrap, MDF or even apply acrylic faces. We have an inhouse automotive spray booth to apply any kind of paint or assist in speeding up the drying times of the glue and resin coats.

Your finished polystyrene model will be exactly the life version of the 3D model or vision you had and hopefully it will exceed your expectations and surprise you with what is actually possible to create.

You and all of your audience are guaranteed to be impressed by the bespoke, unique, exquisite model that was your image, now brought to life.