About CNC Polystyrene

“We’ll make what you want, work.”
Jeff Phillips, Managing Director

As a leading, independent manufacturer within the CNC machining market, we’ve been responding to requests to create small scale bespoke sculptures, models or prototype objects as well as larger than life props from clients all over the world.

From our headquarters in Marwell, on the edge of Winchester, Hampshire our team of talented designers, sculptors, mould-makers, scenic artists and paint sprayers use a mix of CNC machining expertise and hand-crafted finishing touches to ensure every project progresses smoothly from design to delivery.

With our range of state of the art machinery, some of which runs 24/7, together with our fleet of dedicated drivers delivering items across the UK, we’re able to meet client’s deadlines and offer state of the art precision, on time, every time.

Who Do We Work With?

Our client list is long and varied but our vision is the same no matter who you are. We are only as good as our latest project so every single client gets the same excellent customer service and attention to detail. We aim to respond to every enquiry within 24 hours. We work alongside a range of different companies; from nationwide retailers like: Gap, Next Harrods, BBC, Mattel, De Longhi to smaller companies and individuals, such as: Sculptors, Model Makers, Set Designers providing large advertising props and bespoke items crafted from a range of materials.

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We work with clients both directly and via a range of agencies who trust us time and time again to deliver within specified deadlines and budgets.

We have the latest 3D laser scanning and high tech milling machines in Europe. This includes several CNC hotwire cutting machines and state of the art 4 and 5 axis CNC Machines.

These machines can craft bespoke items from a huge range of materials; Polystyrene, Wood, Perspex, Plastics, Acrylics, Lightweight Metals and Composites.

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