3D Letters

Here at CNC, we have been crafting 3D models for over 20 years and serving clients across the world.

3D polystyrene letters and logos are ideal for temporary or permanent use, whether it’s an exhibition, corporate event, photo shoot or in-store display, everything we make is of the highest quality, our models are lightweight, durable,

Our 3D models are:

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Cut Precisely
  • Have a massive impact

We know how important quality is!

Cut from the best quality Virgin bead and fire retardant polystyrene, we offer a large range of polystyrene letters and will happily supply material and fire retardancy data sheets if required.  When appropriate, we offer an additional coating which enhances the fire-retardant qualities of your letters and logos, too, making them considerably tougher.

Many clients want polystyrene letters and/or logos for exhibition stands, signage or outdoor displays.  Simply supply your logo artwork, and we’ll accurately cut and model the logo to order.  We can also apply a printed foamex face, which adds all the detail to the base and depth of the polystyrene.

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All you need do is select the colour.  Our polystyrene letters can be supplied either in plain white or any other coloured spray-painted finish.  And with a range of faces, we can achieve any effect you’re after, from metallic, plain P.V.C., acrylic or glitter.

Here at CNC Polystyrene, we also supply a range of fixings and stands to support your polystyrene letters, so don’t forget to let us know how you’ll want to fix or support the model when submitting your enquiry.

We appreciate quality.

With over 25 years of experience cutting expanded polystyrene, from one machine cutting sheets and panels primarily for polystyrene packaging and insulation, we’ve expanded beyond our wildest dreams. We have the latest 3D laser scanning and high-tech milling machines in Europe. This includes several CNC hotwire cutting machines and state-of-the-art 4 and 5-axis CNC Machines.

Finishes – choose from a range of finishes for your polystyrene letters or logos. With our in-house automotive spray booth, we can apply any kind of paint or assist in the drying times of glues/resin coats.  We can even produce large foam letters UK. We can paint, glitter, apply printed or plain PVC faces, vinyl wrap, MDF or even apply acrylic faces.

Fixings – Tell us how you’ll need to display your polystyrene letters or logo, and we’ll ensure you have all the appropriate fixings to either mount, hang or display free-standing, so no last-minute surprises.  The installation will be hassle-free.

The result?  Polystyrene letters or logos are exactly as requested.  Polystyrene letters, which are guaranteed to impress!

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