Harrods Faberge Egg – When size is really no object!

CNC Polystyrene were delighted to work with Minki Balinki and Harrods to create this custom-made 3D Polystrene Egg to be exhibited in Harrods Stores worldwide.

We have used cutting edge CNC milling machines to create this bespoke Harrods Faberge Egg.

This was completed using a flawlessly smooth, matt white finish radiating precision and perfection.

This Faberge Egg has had 3D infinity projection mapping applied to animate and bring its simple structure to life.  With a remarkable animation, the finished effect was the main attraction to the eye.

The astonishing aspect of polystyrene is that is can be cut into almost any shape and size imaginable.  It is distinct, lightweight and long-lasting resulting in endless design opportunities.