Opportunity Logo

At CNC Polystyrene it was a pleasure to create such an influential, positive and optimistic word into a solid model that would not only be eye catching but also was promoting the huge business opportunities that were available approaching the International Festival for Business 2014, dubbed the “Business Olympics” and Europe’s biggest business event for 50 years.

Standing at 5ft tall and 30ft long, this logo was perfectly in CNC’s cutting edge technology and employees capability to create. Some of the materials used in manufacture included High Density Polystyrene, clear acrylics, and Impact sheet.
The large model logo made its way around the UK, starting with London and making its way to Liverpool – the heart of the International Festival for Business. It stopped off at well-known places, such as the top of the BT Tower, the Financial Times and the Echo arena.

Once it came to life, the model exceeded everyone’s expectations as the classic, simple, yet classy blue silhouette brought the vision that was being hoped to reality.